Bus crash survivor receives "random act" in hospital recovery room

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KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT) A woman who continues to recover after last week's deadly bus crash received a surprise in her hospital room today.

Norma Hellard has met countless numbers of people in the past week as she sits in her hospital room. People she has never met before, people she will likely never see again have come and gone to wish her well and pray for her. It's these random visits that have helped her along on her recovery after last week's interstate crash in Jefferson County.

But Tuesday, there was another random occurrence in her room, one she never saw coming.

"It was a definite surprise to me! I just think the whole concept is so neat. I have never heard of anything like that," Hellard said.

Hellard received a bouquet of flowers from a group called Random Acts of Flowers. But that was just the group who dropped the flowers off.

The arrangements were donated by the parents of Trent Roberts, the 24 year-old man who was killed in that same accident. Roberts was riding in the Chevy Tahoe that was struck by the bus after it lost control.

Hellard, or Ms. Norma as she prefers, even had the chance to meet the Roberts. She said Trent's father stopped to pray for her and to wish her well in her recovery.

"I think they must be real special people, to be able to come and do that," Hellard explained about the Roberts.

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