Cafes restrict service for 'laptop hobos,' local shops still welcome

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KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT) Trending across the country, coffee shops are placing limits on resources so-called "laptop hobos" feed off of.

After a continual build of free WiFi access and electrical outlets near every table, small cafes are limiting Internet access and blocking up the outlets to keep the flow of business up.

It's a trend that's yet to hit east Tennessee. Several local shops say they still welcome people to come sit awhile.

"We have different people. You know some people come in just to grab coffee and go and people that hang out all day so they just come here to work," said Sara Alsobrooks, who opened Remedy Coffee in the Old City.

And it's a model that works well in east Tennessee.

"If I'm doing some work that's going to take me some time, it's difficult if the WIFI shuts down or when they really need to move people along. So it's appealing to me to go to a shop that's quiet, has a nice vibe, but also will allow me to work for hours on end," said Jennifer Jobson.

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