Campbell County Schools beef up security post shooting

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CAMPBELL COUNTY, Tenn. (WVLT) - Flags at Campbell County High are at half-staff like the rest of the country, and there the need for added school security hits a little closer to home.

Nearly a decade ago, Campbell County Comprehensive High School faced its own tragedy when a freshman brought a gun to school killing a faculty member and wounding two others. Since, security has become a number one priority.

"We have worked fairly diligently. We could use more resources of course to have better camera systems. To have more SROs," said Larry Niddifer with the Campbell County Board of Education.

And the Sheriff's Department is working to do so, increasing a force of six School Resource Officers to even more... enough to cover all 14 schools.

"I just couldn't imagine dropping your kid off and not feeling good about it. So Sunday evening we started putting a plan in place," said Sheriff Robbie Goins.

For the sheriff's deputies that fill the S.R.O. role, that means a full day.

"We come in in the mornings. Patrol the halls. Counseling kids on different situations they have. Always check all the outside doors. We do parking lot checks," said Deputy Shane Wolfenbarger.

Special training including drills prepare them to handle a gunman, hostage situation or bomb threat.

"You just have to be on your toes all day, every day," said Wolfenbarger.

"Bad things happen and you learn from them. And I'm sure Campbell County has," said Goins.

And as the world changes, the district's security plan will evolve as well.

"It's an ongoing process, and hopefully we get better, and hopefully if we ever need it, it'll be in place to save lives," Niddifer

The Sheriff says this week's added S.R.O.s and security could evolve over time, but no idea exactly what that would look like.

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