With no animal shelter, Cambell Co. rescuers busier than ever

CAMPBELL COUNTY, Tenn. (WVLT)-- When Campbell County's animal shelter closed its doors in April due to a state investigation, county officials mentioned they hoped to have it back and running as soon as possible.

But nearly 8 weeks later, the community still has no shelter and some residents are trying to fill that absence the best they can.

Patricia Simpson with Friends of Campbell County Animals told Local 8 News the past couple of weeks have been hectic.

"People are turning animals lose sending them on their way where as before they'd turn them into the shelter," she said.

Simpson said she and others with FCCA have responded to many more calls since the shelter closed, but there's only so much they can do.

"It changes every day as to what people need, or if we're even able to help, she said.

Local 8 News confirmed there has been at least one dog bite involving a Campbell County officer since the shelter closed. Knox County Animal Control assisted with the incident.

While she understands an investigation is underway, Simpson said there should have been a plan in place to continue to serve the community's needs.

"It's irresponsible," she said.

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