Katelyn Norman succumbs to cancer Friday morning

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT) -- The Campbell County teen who wanted to live her short life to the fullest has died.

Fourteen year-old Katelyn Norman passed away at East Tennessee Children's Hospital surrounded by family and friends, around 8:00 Friday morning.

Earlier this month she learned the bone cancer she'd been battling for two years was terminal. That's when she created a bucket list, filled will all the things she wanted to do.
Since then friends, family and strangers have been working to make those wishes come true.

Saturday, the Shepherds Riding Club organized a ride for her. She'd always wanted to ride a bike. Though she was too weak to get out of the car, she enjoyed seeing the motorcycles as they escorted her through Lafollette.

Then Tuesday, a special prom was planned. She was rushed to the hospital and couldn't attend, but the party went on in her honor. Afterwards, hundreds lined the streets, headlights shining, "Lighting the Night for Kate."

Meanwhile, a gathering at the hospital-- the prom was brought to her.

She's received well wishes from around the globe. Her favorite band even dedicated a performance to her.

Katelyn Norman inspired so many. She may be gone, but her memory will live on.

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