Campbell county deputies close in on church vandalism suspects

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CAMPBELL COUNTY, Tenn. (WVLT)-- A break in the search for vandals who tore through five local churches in Campbell county.

A few weeks ago, reports of a break-in came in from the Davis Chapel Church, Pleasant Grove Baptist Church, Victory Baptist Church and Long Hallow Baptist Church. They all had minor damage to the doors and windows.

On Wednesday, the Sheriff's department was called out to another break-in at Glade Springs Baptist Church where they found more destruction.

Sheriff Robbie Goins said "It appeared the vandals broken in to the basement and tried to open a large safe. They were unsuccessful however, they found a fire extinguisher and sprayed the entire upper floor of the church."

SERVPRO of Campbell county spent the day cleaning the church from top to bottom while investigators took a closer look at the evidence.

"We will go to the ends of the earth to find those responsible for shattering the peace of religious activities. Protecting the sanctity of churches and homes in our community is of our highest priority." said Sheriff Goins

The department does want the Campbell county community to know that they can rest easy knowing this case will soon come to an end.

"We strongly believe at least two 17 year old male juveniles, as well as, a 19 year old male are involved. As of now we are not releasing the names of at least those 3 males in order to protect the integrity of the investigation." said Sheriff Goins

"There is a special place for these kinds of people who prey on the pure innocence and goodness of our people, we will not tolerate it." said Sheriff Goins.