Car break-ins in Loudon Co. keep cops busy

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Where a good night's sleep did not equal a peaceful morning. A lot of people woke up to find their cars broken into and their stuff missing.

It looks like a peaceful neighborhood, but criminals are targeting these homes and stealing from their cars. Jeff Russell with Loudon County Sheriff's Department says, "Right now we're debating if they are all connected. We have investigations going at this time."

From Greenback to Lenoir City to Loudon, it's happening all over Loudon County during the night. Investigators tell me the thieves are on foot looking for unlocked cars and taking anything inside. Detective Russell says, "They're going through cars and looking to see what want. Taking coin change, binoculars and cameras."

Word spread fast through one neighborhood after a homeowner's car was ransacked and burglarized while parked in the garage.
Neighbor Bill Whitworth says, "It's a violation of where you live and that's a concern. There are people violating the security of our neighborhood."

Neighbors tell me they're worried and are re-thinking their security measures. Whitworth says, "We make sure we don't leave anything out. We make sure all the doors are locked."

Investigators remind you to keep your doors locked, and if you can't park inside a garage try to park under a motion light.