UPDATE: Driver hurt when car crashes into apartment complex

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT) -- A car smashing through their window certainly was a rude awakening for three people in a south Knoxville apartment complex Monday morning, but it's hard to say it was surprising one.

"My granny always says she's afraid a car is going to run into the building she always said that," recalled Chrishonda Reeves, who was in the home at the time.

Shortly after 9:00 a.m., a green Honda ran off the road and crashed into the Flenniken Square Apartment building. The car took out a brick column that supported it and cracked a window.

"All of a sudden it was a big boom, then me and my granny got up and walked outside and there was a car smashed into our front window," continued Reeves.

The crash pinned the driver, Barbara Neubert, in her car until firefighters could free her. The 79 year-old was taken to UT Medical Center for treatment.

The preliminary investigation and witness statements indicate Neubert was heading west on Moody Ave. They believe she may have been suffering from a medical condition when she went through the stop sign at Martin Mill Pike. Her car went airborne and flew into the building.

"So I turned around and I got shocked you know, I've never seen nothing come at me so quick," explained Fatima Inainn, who was outside at the time. "I looked up and the brick was falling, so the only thing I could do is run back because if I ran up I would have been getting hit and die."

No one in the apartment was hurt.

(WVLT/Casey Wheeless)

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