UPDATE: Pharmacy back open after car slammed into front

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KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT) - Mac's Pharmacy on Washington Pike reopened Friday after an SUV slammed into the front Thursday.

Three people were taken to hospitals: an employee, a customer inside, and the driver's wife.

79 year-old Dewey Kidwell told police he was picking up his wife across the street, then his accelerator got stuck when he slammed through the door.

The vehicle eventually came to a rest at the pharmacy's counter. Rhonda Curtis, Grady Amann and the driver's wife Ann Kidwell were hurt but police say the injuries were minor.

"It's out of the ordinary, it's out of the ordinary," said Mark Homer.

Homer was walking down Washington Pike to pick up a prescription. But when he saw the boards going up at Mac's Pharmacy, he realized he'll have to wait to get it.

"Well at my age, anything is believable, things happen. People aren't paying attention, the accelerator can get stuck," said Homer.

"Thankfully no one was seriously injured. So we're just working now on cleaning up, and doing everything we can to get the pharmacy up and running," said one of the pharmacy's managers Mike Wilhoit. "We've called partners and electricians, our clean-up crews and insurance."

We have covered a number of accidents like this through the years, so we called a few businesses that have faced rebuilding.

One person was the director of the KARM Thrift Store on Western, where a car crashed through a few months ago. She said they have repaired the damage, but there was no talk of putting a barrier up because it was such a freak occurrence. Plus, if a car's going fast enough, she says barriers will not stop it.

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