Catching cheaters on Valentine's Day is big business

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KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT) -- The day before Valentine's Day is notoriously known for being the day a person will cheat on their spouse.

The most romantic day of the year may be filled with flowers and chocolate, but the day before Valentine's Day is typically the day a cheating spouse will spend time and money on the person with whom they are having an affair.

And for private investigators, it's the busiest time of the year to track down those illicit relationships.

"It's crazy busy. Incredibly busy," Eddie McCarter said.

McCarter is the owner of Visions Private Investigation in Knoxville, and he said he typically has to hire extra investigators in the week leading up to Valentine's Day to help handle the work load of looking for cheaters. He said he has seen any type of situation anyone could imagine when two people try meet secretly.

"The craziest thing for me is that the people get so arrogant about what they're doing. That's how they get caught. It's because they get to the point where they think nobody's watching," he said.

McCarter said that although the perception is that men cheat more than women, he breaks it down to a more even split, saying it's probably closer to 50/50.

"It takes both men and women to cheat...women cheat just as much as men do," he explained.

There are telltale signs that a spouse or significant other is cheating, or thinking about cheating, McCarter said. He explained if your loved one suddenly changes their wardrobe, suddenly starts working out, or spends extra time at the office, those can be signs they are involved in an illicit relationship.

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