Christians and Newsoms appear on the Glenn Beck show

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KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT) It's a story we know all too well, and one we covered extensively from 2007 to the retrials this year and it's getting more national attention.
Gary and Deena Christian and Hugh and Mary Newsom spoke with talk-show host Glenn Beck.

We spoke with them before they left for Dallas. They were looking forward to addressing several things. The main one what they call biased national media coverage.

Before Gary Christian and Hugh and Mary Newsom flew to Dallas, they spoke to Local 8 News about why their children's murders never got much national coverage. Gary Christian says, "You and I know there's nobody standing up screaming when a white person is killed."
Hugh Newsom says, "National media never once covered it. If this keeps on going, the younger generation will only hear that biased reporting."

Their journey to the show started two weeks ago, when a caller brought the murders to Glenn Beck's attention. One caller says, "Never since history of our great nation has there been a couple brutally murdered like Channon Christian and Chris Newsom in Knoxville, TN."

Glenn Beck researched the crime and the trials we've covered over and over again and then aired a segment on their murders.
Glenn beck says, "The names were Chris Newsom and Channon Christian likely they mean little to you and me but you'll never forget them after the next few minutes."

His story included the couple's pictures, along with Gary Christian's family impact statements and Letalvis Cobbins' testimony on the witness stand during his first trial. Glenn Beck says, "If you don't fall in a group like Al Sharpton that's hounding the media, then you're all out of luck. Why wasn't the story given good coverage? Because the victims were white, young in a nice car and the killers were four black men and a young black woman."

Beck apologized for never running it himself on CNN or Fox News.
Before the Newsoms and Christians left, Local 8 asked them if they thought their children's deaths were hate crimes. Hugh Newsom says, "Ask yourself, "Would they have done all of that to a black couple?"

Mary Newsom says, "I think once they started, it became race because it was hate and the torture was just evil."

Gary Christian says, "When they got them it became a hate crime. Eric Boyd hated white people that's a fact."

The Newsoms and Christians also talked about protecting your children and being aware of your surroundings because it can happen anywhere. Gary also talked about laws he wants changed in Tennessee.

Gary said you need to find some method to protect your daughter, because evil people will hurt her. He also said our justice system is a joke, which is something he's said for a long time.

Glenn Beck closed the show with a lesson to pull from this interview. He said there's no such thing as honor and integrity anymore, he said be careful of the seeds we're planting.