Church trying to clean up after morning break-in

A Knoxville church is trying to clean up after a man tried to break in early Wednesday morning.

Surveillance video from Westminster Chapel on Kingston Pike shows a man walk up to the front door, try to kick it in, then go to the top of the screen and break a window.

He didn't have very much luck though, because police showed up almost immediately.

But the man was somehow able to get away though without getting caught.

The pastor says, if the man needed something, all he had to do was ask.

"There's no need to vandalize anything, no need to break in. There's no money, no churches hold money in their facilities. Nobody has anything of really great value. So I would appreciate if they would come during the day when I'm here, and if they need help, we want to help them," Pastor David Trempe told Local 8 News.

Pastor Trempe estimates that the broken window will cost about
$700 to repair. He says he's not looking for donations, but we know some of you might want to help. if you can, give him a call at Pastor David Trempe at 865-789-9307

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