Crimetracker: City Council Candidate arrested for stealing bike

HAMBLEN COUNTY, Tenn. (WVLT) --- Politicians and run ins with the law. Nationwide stories of arrests, scandals, embezzlement all perpetrated by the ones in office.

Now Morristown can add themselves to the list.

This one involving a City Council Candidate and a Bike.

Watergate it is not, but it did end in a jail cell.

Eighteen year old Jchesen Brent Reid was arrested for stealing the bicycle from College Square Mall. The bike belonged to Crescent Street resident Jessie Howerton who called 911.

Howerton told the cops he watched as Reid took off on the bike.

The candidate didn't make it far, he was arrested at a nearby CVS a few minutes later.

Reid is being charged with theft under $500, he was released this morning after posting a $1000 bond.

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