City approves plan to buy home for demolition

House on Kings Hills Boulevard in Pigeon Forge to be bought through FEMA grant. (Source: Kyle Grainger, WVLT)

PIGEON FORGE, Tenn. (WVLT) - The City of Pigeon Forge and FEMA have approved a plan that would buy a home that's dealt with flooding for years.

Flooding has been a problem for years on Kings Hills Boulevard, and several homeowners applied to have their homes bought through a FEMA grant. However, only one home was approved for purchase.

The City of Pigeon Forge says FEMA's requirements say that water must get into the living quarters of the home and only one that met the qualifications. FEMA will fund half the project with the state and city picking up the tab on the other half.

"Our plan is to implement some practices to hopefully alleviate some of the downstream flooding. We're going to go in there and may be look at a wetlands, planting trees," said David Taylor, Pigeon Forge city planner. "But we're ready to move forward. I think it's going to benefit, not just the one homeowner who received the grant I think it's going to effect the entire development."

Neighbors say they hope something will happen soon. Erika Bennefield has lived on the road for years and says her yard is one of the first to flood.

"My whole yard was in water, it was all the way up to my 2nd step on my porch. and it got up too all we seen on our back porch was one step left," said Bennefield. "It surprises me a lot because it seems ours floods before his even floods, it floods here first."

Neighbors hope something can be done before the next storm comes.

The city says the home will be destroyed within 3 years. Right now they are working with the homeowner and appraisers to finalize everything.

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