City prepares as Winter nears

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT) -- Despite an Autumn that often felt more like Summer, the Knoxville's Public Service Dept. is getting ready for the worst with Winter just around the corner. On Monday, the city released its snow plan for the year.

Every Fall, the city updates its snow plan, which governs how it will respond to various snow and ice events, which city streets are plowed first, what resources it has available to battle winter storms.

“Depending on the type of weather, we have up to 180 employees and 21 pieces of equipment ready to deal with it,” said Public Service Director David Brace. “The snow plan gives us a template for setting priorities and letting everybody know what to expect.”

The city said normally it will pre-treat roads with a salt-brine solution to help prevent snow from clinging to the streets and lowers its melting point.

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