City welcomes new transportation concept

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KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT)-- It's called Zipcar and it's a car sharing program that gives you the option not to own a car-- rather share one.

The program basically works like this: you go to the website and join. After that you'll get a membership card in the mail that will give you access to the cars.

If you want to use the program you have to have a membership which usually cost $60.00 a year. But thanks to a grant the membership is free for the first year.

Rates vary but you can use the car for a few hours or the whole day. It's a perfect solutions for people living downtown, college students without a car on campus or someone who doesn't want the expenses of owning a car.

As a trial, there are only 4 cars in Knoxville; 2 on the University of Tennessee Campus by Andy Holt Drive and 2 on the 100 block of Gay Street.

Once the program gains more popularity; Knoxville will get more cars, SUV's and maybe even a Mini Cooper.

For more information visit the Zipcar website link at the bottom of the page.