Claiborne Co. strip mine plan pulled

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT) -- A Tennessee mining company has withdrawn its application to strip mine over 500 acres of King Mountain in Claiborne Co., the Tennessee Clean Water Network (TWCN) announced on Friday.

The environmental group said Kopper Glo, LLC, pulled its plan a month after it and other state and national groups appealed the Tennessee Dept. of Environment and Conservation determination that the effects on local waterways was justifiable based on economic and social needs.

"I think Kopper Glo made a good choice to withdraw the permit application," said Carol Judy, a Claiborne County resident and member of Tennessee Clean Water Network. "This decision will allow future generations to enjoy King Mountain and will allow the mountain to continue recovering from past strip mining damage."

TWCN stated that the proposed coal mine would have discharged wastewater from 14 sediment ponds to Rock Creek, Straight Creek, and the Clear Fork of the Cumberland River. They noted that those streams are already failing to meet quality standards because of all of the mining and logging in the area.

Kopper Glo, LLC, first applied for the permit in fall of 2009, revising the application the following June to allow it to expand the mine and add outfalls.

TDEC originally approved the application request in June of this year. That ruling was appealed a month later.

Local8News has reached out to Kopper Glo, LLC, for a comment.

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