Clinton woman warns about scam targeting seniors

CLINTON, Tenn. (WVLT)-- A telemarketing scam is targeting seniors with the promise of a free medical alert system.

Savannah Morgan, 70, received the robocall Tuesday. She said she didn't recognize the number but it was a Knoxville phone number.

"This man is going on that's he's got a Life Alert and that it's ready to be shipped to me," Morgan said.

She tried to interrupt the man on the other end of the phone.

"I told him, 'sir this call has ended I have not ordered this... I do not want it'," she said.

But he continued to talk.

"It was when I couldn't get him to shut up that I realized this was prerecorded," Morgan said.

According to Morgan, the recording asked her to press 1 to continue to get permission to ship the system to her. But she hung up instead.

"I got on the Internet and plugged in the same number and there was a page of complaints about it," she said. "Life Alert is something elderly people recognize and by using this very close slogan it could be very damaging."

Life Alert announced on its website it is aware of the scam and assured people that it doesn't hire telemarketers.

It is advised that you never give out any personal information to a telemarketer, and if you receive a call like this one simply hang up.

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