Cohen tweets, deletes 'Ilu' during State of Union

Congressman Steve Cohen (TN-9)

MEMPHIS, Tenn. (AP) -- An aide says U.S. Rep. Steve Cohen accidentally exchanged a couple of public tweets with a woman who is the daughter of a friend, but removed them when he realized they weren't private.

Aide Michael Pagan says Cohen told him he thought the messages to Victoria Brink were private. One was sent during the State of the Union speech Tuesday night and the second was sent Wednesday morning, in response to her tweet "(at)RepCohen just saw you on tv!"

Cohen's tweets ended with "Ilu," and Pagan says the initials stand for "I love you." Pagan says, however, that Cohen has a longtime girlfriend in Memphis and the expression to Brink, the daughter of a longtime friend, was completely platonic.

The tweets and deletions were reported earlier Wednesday by New York Magazine and The Hill blog.

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