Commission tables two discussions regarding schools

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KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT) - Two bills up for debate in Nashville could have an impact on your kids and expand your ballot.

The Knox County Commission discussed those and voted on two resolutions: one would decide if school board elections should be partisan. The second vote was whether or not the public should elect superintendents.

For the school board, the commissioners voted 6-5 to table that discussion, so it may come up again at a later meeting.

The superintendent issue was more heated. Several people with signs wanting to keep the process the way it is, which is to appoint the position.

The ultimate decision whether the county can even decide resides in Nashville. So Commissioner Mike Hammond proposed tabling it until it becomes a bill, if it even does.

"I represent the Chamber, and there's thousands of businesses that feel the same way I do. So I'm here to say that your constituents don't want to elect superintendents," said Jennifer Evans.

"As it stands right now, it's going to affect all 95 counties. The governor's said he's already going to veto it, so to me this is a state issue. To me there's no reason to even be discussing it until we know what the state's going to do," said Mike Hammond, Knox County Commissioner.

Now if the bill makes it through the legislature, Hammond says they'll have no choice but to bring it back up.

The School Board Chair, Karen Carson, said the board does not support partisan elections, and that she is opposed to an elected superintendent.

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