Community gifts a new home to a family in need

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CAMPBELL COUNTY, Tenn. (WVLT) - Debi Altman and her grandchildren moved into a small new house this winter. It's heated by a small stove and doesn't quite have enough rooms for all of them. But to Debi, it's home.

They were living in the back half of their old house, sharing two bedrooms and sleeping under black mold after a fire destroyed the front rooms.

"I tried my best to make it an adventure for them. You know, it's new. We've never done this before. You know, if it isn't going to kill us. It's only going to make us stronger," said Altman.

After months of living in toxic conditions for months, a member at Plateau Christian Church took notice while delivering food to the family.

"At first we thought we were going to get a mobile home and we were all ecstatic," said Altman .

Instead, they got a new house on a sturdy foundation built from love and labor, organized by Sandy and Dick Cahill.

"They were really in dire straits," said Sandy Cahill.

From there, the whole congregation chipped in.

"We had people who are not able to go out and physically build things and they would come in and give a thousand dollars one Sunday. Somebody brought in an eight thousand dollar gift and said, 'here use this for whatever you need.' There was so much excitement to be able to do something for this family," said Plateau Christian's pastor Rob Morton.

It took them a year and a half, but eventually it all came together.

"They have given me my faith back. They have given me my faith in humanity back. Because for a long time I didn't have trust in people anymore. And they gave it back to me. They all gave it back to me," said Altman.

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