Could gun control close gun shops?

MARYVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT) --- They find themselves saying "We don't have that" more often.

Actually more than anything else.

Todd and Carol Pontious estimate they turn people down around 80 percent of the time at their store Stars and Stripes shooting sports.

The gun control debate is still in its infancy but is already showing itself in the registers.

Predictions that a ban on assault rifles and extended magazines is coming have suppliers frozen.

Back orders as long as a year have some shelves empty.

And Todd tells us he doesn't think its going to get better. "Anything 10 rounds or more is going to be very difficult, Pontious says,"in fact after this week it might be impossible."

He says as much as 50% of his business could disappear with new bans.

So now, one day before Vice President Joe Biden gives his report on gun control, the Pontious' eyes are on Washington DC.