County commission discusses school security

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KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT) - Security in schools: it's a priority for parents and community leaders.

Tonight, Knox County commissioners grilled Superintendent Jim McIntyre, over the future of security and concerns over the lawsuit filed against a former contractor.

Commissioner Mike Hammond says the county mayor wants to conduct an audit, examining security problems.

But another commissioner says she wants the finger-pointing to stop, and to focus on the kids.

"I have children in the public school system, and I don't give a damn about lawsuits, or about public perception. What I care about is the safety of my children when they're at school," said Amy Broyles, County Commissioner.

"We know there are always going to be contentious issues, and if we could have a framework to have a civil discussion and come to an outcome that betters our county, that's what our desire is," said Karen Carson, School Board Chair.

A small group of county representatives is meeting tomorrow to discuss security issues, and how to improve the systems.

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