County crews investigating problems on road

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KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT) - Wet roads can make driving tricky, and Tuesday was no exception.

An early-morning head-on crash on Westland Drive near Gallaher View sent two to the hospital.

Westland Drive is a narrow, windy road. Neighbors say many drivers speed through because there are only a few stop lights.

However in this morning's wreck, police say speeding was not a factor, but just a little reminder about the dangers of Westland Drive.

"It's a collector roadway. It carries a lot of traffic, but it's somewhat narrow lanes than what we would maybe like to see," said Jim Snowden, the deputy director of the county's Engineering and Public Works Department.

Snowden says the county's public works department has made improvements to the busy, windy, Westland Drive.

"Northshore and Westland, the recently completed project, it did not have turn lanes and it was a bad skew. So that made for bad lines of sight," said Snowden.

But a few miles down the road from Northshore, another problem intersection.

According to the county, there's been 23 accidents in the past 3 years near the intersection of Ebenezer and Westland. But others say it feels like once a month.

"They see a green light, and speed through it and even if it turns yellow, they're still speeding through it as fast as they can to get through the light," said Chris Lee.

The county modified the stop light so people turning will be protected from oncoming traffic. They also added skid resistant asphalt

"When you go through it, if it's bad or rainy, your tire actually has better skid-resistance and there's less likelihood of you hydroplaning or losing control of your vehicle," said Snowden.

This morning's accident report shows the driver over corrected.

Snowden they'll look at the road and shoulder to make sure there aren't any problems. And if they find something wrong, they'll fix it.

Snowden also added they'd like to fix all the roads but it costs $100,000 per mile. They only have $2 millions in the budget which is about 20 miles a year.

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