Couple Loses Nearly 600 Pounds

KNOXVILLE, Tenn (WVLT) -- A trip to the hospital was the wake up call one east Tennessee couple needed. Together they were hundreds of pounds overweight.

It started with a kidney infection, Justin Shelton weighing 592 pounds went to the hospital, but when he got there he learned he weighed too much to recieve the treatment he needed.

"That was really a wake up call that if I didn't do something soon I wouldn't be around much longer," said Shelton.

It was a wake up call for not only him but his wife Lauren also.
She says, "It hit him like a brick he said you know, I'm tired of being overweight and I either want to die trying to get healthy or I'm just going to end up dying anyways. So I took a hard look at myself and I was in the same situation."

So the two started a weight loss regime, eating right, exercising.
Without any surgery or supplements Lauren lost 180 pounds and Justin more than 300!

"We went to get some medical advice from the professional and she gave us some frame work to work around and we took that frame work and ran with it," said Lauren. "I feel amazing, like Justin has said there's so many things we can do now that we couldn't do before. And our personalities have changed we've gotten more outgoing and now we want to go do things we've never done before."

Both Justin and Lauren say having each other made it possible.
"She's been with me through the whole thing, we've done it together and she's an amazing woman," said Justin.

"We've learned to care less what other people think and learned to find the joy in ourselves," said Lauren.

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