Couple pretending to be utility workers scam elderly residents in Anderson County

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CLINTON, Tenn. (WVLT) Scammers are targeting elderly residents in Anderson County, pretending to be utility workers with the Clinton Utility Board needing to get inside the victim's home.

Clinton Police Lieutenant Carl Bailey says they've been on the lookout for the suspects, a male and female, but have been unable to draw up very many leads. That's why he's turning to the public for help.

"They don't take a lot of jewelry, just hit and miss stuff," Bailey explained. "The victims don't really realize they've been a victim until they go talk to a family member or someone, and we go encourage them to check their stuff."

The suspects are driving a 2004 or 2005 white or silver GMC Envoy, with an after-market grill on the front. The grill is silver with nickel-size holes in it.

The duo has been very bold. They drive up to the victim's house, typically with the female driving the car. The male is only seen sometimes. Based upon the victim's statements, the female will distract the homeowner, asking continuous questions about power lines or water pressure in the house. She will repeatedly tell the homeowner she is there to make sure the house is ready for work to be done on it by the CUB. While the homeowner is distracted, the male suspect will enter the house, take a few items, then return to the car.

Most victims don't even realize what's happened until several days later, because nothing is out of place, and only one or two items were taken.

General Manager of the Clinton Utilities Board, Greg Fay, says customers should realize that the CUB will never send a representative knocking on your door, without you first scheduling someone to come visit.

"Normally, you never see anyone show up, knock on your door, or say they need access to your home," Fay said.

Meanwhile, police are asking the public to be aware, never let anyone inside your home, and call them if you see anyone or anything suspicious.

The Clinton Police Department phone number is 457-3112. Lt. Bailey also suggested people call 911 if someone you don't know is ever trying to get in your home.

Police have not been able to get a license plate number on the car either.

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