Couple reunited for the first time since deadly October bus accident

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STATESVILLE, NC. (WVLT) Almost seven weeks to the day since that deadly bus crash killed eight people and wounded several others, a couple married a half a century is finally able to see each other once again.

Benny and Libby Elledge were on the bus when it crossed the Interstate into oncoming traffic. Both were injured and have spent the last seven weeks in hospitals recovering.

Benny went to Winston-Salem, Libby went to a rehab center in Statesville. They could only talk with one another over the phone.

"It's just not the same as seeing him," Libby said.

But Libby didn't know that Benny was planning a surprise visit to his bride. Wednesday afternoon, Benny was wheeled into the rehab center where he and Libby immediately hugged, kissed and shed tears of joy.

"I'm just so blessed," Libby said.

Libby will likely get out of the rehab center she and Benny are now in together before Benny is released, but at least they can see each other every day.

Also, Libby lives just up the road so once she does leave, she will be able to get come back and visit Benny every day.

The couple has been married for 52 years, but being away from Libby has been the only thing on Benny's mind.

"Seemed like a lifetime," Benny said.

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