Craigslist blind date goes horribly wrong during Vols/Gator game

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KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT) -- Remember last week when a woman's stepfather offered a free ticket to the Vols/Gator game to anyone willing to take his step-daughter on a date? It turns out, that date was a train wreck from the beginning.

Jessica Flanagan explained that soon after she chose the man lucky enough to earn a free ticket and the pleasure of her company, he told her he was already in a relationship.

"He told me that he decided the night before to become exclusive with her, right after I had chosen him," Flanagan said. "They weren't officially together, and they decided to become exclusive right after that point. So that actually made it even worse."

As bad as that may be, her weekend was on a downward slide from there.

"He didn't even really thank my step-dad for the ticket to the game, or really even talk to him or my mom the entire game."

Just wait, it continues to trend in the wrong direction. The guy she picked is a radio host in West Palm Beach. His name is is Joe Colella. Flanagan said she thinks the whole thing was a publicity stunt on their end. She said Colella spent more time worrying about work while he was at the game than he was concerned about spending time with her.

But hang on, the date isn't over yet. Part of the deal on Craigslist was the gentleman had to take Flanagan to dinner. Evidently that didn't happen either.

"He said he wasn't hungry, so we never had dinner," Flanagan said. "But he did pay for drinks."

Flanagan said she still had fun and she isn't upset or mad about the situation. She was just shocked that so much could go wrong for a simple date.

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