Crimetracker: Crime spree hits Sequoyah Hills

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KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT) - More than seven homes have been tapped by thieves in Sequoyah Hills as of Monday.

It's unusual for the small, close-knit community where everyone seems to know each others' names.

"A lot of folks here go to the same churches, the same synagogues. We shop at the same places. A lot of the kids go to the same schools. So it's fairly close knit a lot of information is disseminated pretty quickly here. And we're just a bit surprised that this is happening here," said Kingston Pike/Sequoyah Hills Association president Dennis Owen.

Owen said the group's neighborhood watch has worked to raise awareness of the issue through a group email chain and word of mouth.

"I think neighbors... or residents were probably a little more complacent than they should've been. The alarms weren't set as often as they should have or could have been. And a lot of cars were unlocked that probably should've been locked," said Owen.

Several cars have been hit as well, mainly those with doors unlocked.

Some neighbors say they've seen a bearded man knock on their door asking for "Jessica." They're also on the lookout for a few cars they believe may be connected with the attack.

The group's working closely with a KPD liaison.

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