Crimetracker: Burglars use unusual method to break into Crossville business

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CROSSVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT) -- Clayton Homes workers were busy repairing their storage building's wall Tuesday morning. The wall - and the building's door - were both caved in.

"He said, 'Hey I think someone's been trying to break-in down at the warehouse building.' We all came down here and saw that it had been ran into by a vehicle," said Morgan Crouch, a service coordinator and office administrator at Clayton Homes in Crossville.

Whoever is responsible tried an old-fashioned way at first:

"It looked like they had tried to kick the door in at first, but it was a steel door, so I guess they thought the vehicle would do a better job," said Crouch.

Police said they think the crook - or crooks - were in a truck. They got away with thousands of dollars worth of equipment, including two generators, a lawn mower, a refrigerator, pressure washer and weed eater.

"Things that are easily turned over for cash or traded for drugs. Most of the time, they're trading the stuff for pills," said Major Mark Rosser with the Crossville Police Department.

Clayton Homes said police found tire tracks and broken tail lights, but there's no surveillance video, since cameras weren't pointed at the building.

"Maybe in the future it would be better if we did - we could have caught them off guard," said Crouch.

Still, it's not something they ever expected to happen - and police agree the crime is unusual:

"We don't usually have criminals around here that turn businesses into drive-thrus," said Rosser.

Police said they'll check with pawn shops to see if any of the stolen equipment shows up.

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