Crimetracker: Boaters steal liquor from lakeside Bubba Brew's

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MAYNARDVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT) -- Surveillance video clearly shows three guys walking around Bubba Brew's on Norris Lake, looking for a way to break in early Thursday morning.

"Pretty much they tried every door that we had down here and finally found a way in through the inside bar. As far as cameras, we've had at least ten different cameras that caught the face of all the guys," said Bubba Bass, who owns Bubba Brew's.

Once inside, the suspects loaded up on nine bottles of liquor, ranging from Jagermeister and Jack Daniels to cordials - worth about $1,000 all together.

"We think they're from the Ohio area just because they all had Ohio State sweatshirts on, so they're trying to catch them before they go back out of town on Sunday," said Bass.

Some people at the campground across from the bar saw the break-in happen and tried stopping the culprits as they took off in a bright red and tan pontoon boat with a red top.

"He started to ram them and stop them, but said by the time they took off, they had a much larger engine and they just kind of ran off and left them," said Jim Sturgill, who is camping nearby.

Union County deputies and the TWRA are searching for the suspects and Bubba Brew's is offering a reward.

"It's a $300.00 cash reward, $100.00 dollars per person that leads to the arrest of those three guys," said Bass.

Bass said this is the first time in five years there's been a break-in, and said he's glad they didn't also vandalize the bar.

The Union County Sheriff's Office is asking anyone that may recognize the suspects or have any information about the theft to call the Sheriff's Office at (865) 992-5212 or the Sheriff's Hotline number at (865) 992-2019.

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