UPDATE: Crimetracker: Man admits burning baby

GATLINBURG, Tenn. (WVLT) -- Police in Gatlinburg say Daniel Shea admitted burning a 4-month old baby on Saturday after she wouldn't stop crying.

According to the police report, the child's babysitter noticed burns on the infant when he picked her up Sunday morning. He says the child's mother, Shannon Hyde, told him they were bug bites.

The babysitter contacted authorities and took the infant to the hospital.

When police arrested the child's parents, Shea told them the little girl girl was crying after she spit up. He says when she wouldn't stop, he dipped a bib into hot water and dripped it on her face.

A doctor confirms, the baby suffered first and second degree burns on her face and neck.

Police say the babysitter has temporary custody of the child.

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A mother and her boyfriend are charged with child abuse after a babysitter found a 4-week-old baby's face burned.

Gatlinburg police arrested Daniel Shea Sunday. They say he admitted burning the child when she wouldn't stop crying.

Officers later arrested the baby girl's mother, Shannon Hyde, after they discovered she knew about the incident and didn't report it or get the child help.

The baby is being treated at Children's Hospital.

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