Crimetracker: Dozens of counterfeiting cases crop up in Crossville

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CROSSVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT) -- Bargain hunters found all kinds of good deal at this year's "127 Yard Sale" in Crossville. But banks weren't happy with what they found when some sellers began depositing their money:

"They were finding the hundreds and the fifties. And then we had another couple that was in the yard sale itself and when they made their deposits, they realized that two of their one hundreds were counterfeit," said Detective Danny Harris with the Crossville Police Department.

Since then, fake money has been showing up all around Crossville, mostly at fast food joints and pharmacies. Police arrested Dylon Reeves for using fake money at Rite Aid, and they have warrants out for two women with him. Officers said the trio used fake money to buy several items and got real money back in change.

"And all the items were small items like a case of cokes or a pack of cigarettes. Something to change a big bill for little bills," said Harris.

Police said they're investigating over 50 counterfeit cash cases. So far, they've found more than 72 fake bills. And the problem even reaches to Knox County, where Crossville Police have warrants for a woman they said drove to Crossville and spent fake money.

"Waffle House and McDonald's as far as we know now. He made indications that there may be other locations that they may have passed the bills in Knox County," said Harris.

He said most of the counterfeit cash they're seeing is small bills like tens and twenties. He said people have roughed them up to make them look real, often crumpling, ripping and taping them, but there's several ways to tell if bills are real:

"We put color shifting ink on our bills. And when you turn it up and down in the light, it's going to shift from green to gold or gold to green. Also, our money is pressed, it's not printed on paper, so you can feel ridge lines on jackets where the ink has been pressed on," said Harris.

Another indicator? Real bills have money bands, which are easily visible under black lights.

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