Crimetracker: KCSO: Drug deal starts at school, ends with murder charge

Knoxville,Tenn (WVLT)-- It started as a drug deal, but deputies tell us it soon turned into a fight to the death.

It happened around six Sunday night at Northwest Junior High.

Investigators say the buyers and sellers decided to drive down the street to a nearby apartment complex, and that's where it ended in murder.

The Knox County Sheriff's report shows 23-year-old Ke Lonzo Deon'tez Pullens and his girlfriend met up with Joshua Berry and another man at the school to buy about an ounce of pot.

Pullens said he wanted to check out the dope, so the four drove to Autumn Landing apartment complex - and a fight broke out.

Pullens pulled the gun first, but Berry got a hold of it.

Jessica Wallace lives at the complex she says she saw it all happen, "we saw them tussling out here, and then all of a sudden we heard a gun shot."

Police say that Berry hit Pullens in the chest, killing him.

"People where trying to resuscitate him, giving him mouth the mouth," she said.

Another neighbor, Barbara Bailey, saw Berry run away, "I was playing outside with the kids," she said, "then I heard the gun shot and the guy with the gun running out of here."

"It's very creepy, like I don't want to be here anymore," said Bailey.

Wallace wants to hold a memorial for Pullens, "last night I couldn't even close my eyes, I kept seeing this poor little guy laying on the ground, it's a tragedy."

Police found and arrested 18-year-old Joshua Berry, he faces second degree murder charges.

We checked Berry's criminal history, no record of any other offenses as an adult.

Berry is in the Knox County Detention Facility on a half-million dollar bond.

A drug deal gone wrong, leading to a fight over a gun turned deadly Sunday evening and landed another man behind bars. Ke Lonzo Deon'tez Pullens, 23, was killed in the struggle, the Knox Co. Sheriff's Office said.

The man accused of pulling the trigger, Joshua Berry, faces a second-degree murder charge. He is being held in the Knox Co. Sheriff's Detention Facility on $500,000 bond.

According to the initial investigation, Pullens and his girlfriend, Natalisha Coray Sona, planned to buy around an ounce of marijuana from Berry and Jerman Umar Jackson. The four of them initially met at North West Middle School on Pleasant Ridge Road around 6:00 p.m.

Berry and Jackson got into Pullens car, police said, and they drove to a nearby apartment complex to check out the drugs. That's when Berry and Pullens started arguing and Pullens pulled out a gun from underneath his seat and pointed it at Berry.

The two started fighting and tumbled out of the car onto the pavement, fighting for the gun. Berry gained control of the gun and aimed it at the other three before shooting Pullens.

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