Crimetracker: Ilegally killed deer leads to drug bust

MONROE COUNTY, Tenn. (WVLT)-- Two Monroe County men face multiple charges that began with the illegal killing of a deer.

Brian A. Presley and Douglas Hutchison are accused of shooting and killing a deer from a truck.

According to deputies, a resident witnessed it happened and reported it to authorities.

When the two men were pulled over on Old Christianburg Road, deputies found the dead deer in the back of the truck. They also reportedly found meth.

It's not often that a wildlife violation leads to a drug bust, but it does happen.

TWRA Officer Kip Kite told Local 8 News this week has been one of the busiest weeks they've had involving deer poaching. There were nearly a dozen people in court today alone for similar wildlife violations.

"Many know it's illegal but choose to do it anyway," Kite said. "We try to make it a first and only offense and try to make the punishment pretty stiff if we can, of course that's not always up to us."

Presley and Hutchison have been charged with drug charges, criminal trespassing, spotlighting deer and killing deer in closed season among other charges.

If you ever witness any suspicious wildlife activity, you're advised to contact TWRA.

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