Knox Co. Schools security officer reprimanded for gun incident

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KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT) -- Bearden High School's principal, Dr. John Bartlet, said the gun incident happened outside the school in November. Bartlett said school security officer Joseph Odom and another security officer were in their cars when Odom pointed his gun at the other officer. He said no students were around at the time.

Odom received a written reprimand from the school system's chief security officer. According to the paperwork, he was written up for removing his gun from his holster in a reckless manner. It shows Odom admitted to a, "foolish mistake in judgement" and said he was reminded of his training and the proper use and handling of his gun.

The school system issued a statement saying, "In November 2012 Officer Odom was found to have removed his duty weapon from his holster in a reckless manner. Officer Odom was counseled, received a written reprimand and additional training."

Odom is still a school security officer, although the school system couldn't tell me where, saying it could jeopardize security. He started working as a full-time officer for Knox County Schools in August 2010.

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