Crimetracker: KPD release homeless murder victims names, friends react

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KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT) -- On Friday, Joe Holmes, a homeless man in Knoxville, told us he was worried about his girlfriend, Grace Standridge, who also lived on the streets. His worst dreams came true - Knoxville police said they found Standridge's body in the crawl space of a building on Richards Street. They also found Collin Cobert dead in a tent nearby on Tuesday, and Ryan Gorney's body under debris.

Margaret Ison knew Standridge well:

"She had a bubbly personality, she was a really pretty girl, she was smart, very intelligent. And she just wanted to fit in somewhere - she wanted to feel like someone cared about her. She'd do whatever it was for her to fit in - and she just fit in with the wrong crowd," said Ison.

Ison said Standridge, Colbert and Gorney hung out with Hope Warvi, Joshua Cool and Brandon Roberts. She said they all drank and did drugs together.

"They trusted them - they thought they were their friends, their partners. They had no way of knowing something bad was going to happen to them because they thought they were their friends," said Ison.

Warvi, Cool and Roberts each face second degree murder charges for Colbert's death and are also suspects in the other two murders.

"I don't think Hope would do something like that, and I don't think Josh would do something like that. I mean, it's hurting me right now - he was my buddy," said Manuel Guerra, a homeless man in Knoxville.

Police haven't released a motive yet and as the investigation continues, many in the homeless community are struggling to understand how something like this could have happened.

Police said Collin Colbert was from Gatlinburg, Ryan Gorney was from Chicago and Grace Standridge was from Knoxville.

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