Crimetracker: Knoxville man faces 49 underage sex-related charges

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KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT) -- Michael Welborn lives just down the street from 54-year-old Harry Henry in Knox County.

"I've looked up - me and my aunt Nancy have looked up plenty of times sex offenders on there just to see who's close and where they're at, just to keep an eye out and stuff. But like I said, I never would have expected it four houses down," said Welborn.

Neighbors said they saw deputies go to Henry's house multiple times, but said they didn't know what it was about.

Turns out, a grand jury indicted him on 49 counts including especially aggravated sexual exploitation of a minor, unlawful photographing and sexual activity and various rape charges.

"A lot of worry and stuff, especially considering three of my kids are daughters - and having someone like that close to my house is kind of scary," said Welborn.

Welborn's kids often go up the road to visit their aunt, Nancy Shelton, who lives two houses from Henry.

"Makes me very, very sick know that he's been in the neighborhood for 10 years and my children - well, they might as well be my children - are here," said Shelton.

Right next door to Henry: a daycare.

"We don't need nobody like that - carrying on around, with the daycare going on, we don't need people like that around the neighborhood," said Garvey Henson, one of Henry's neighbors.

The daycare's owner said Henry worked during the day, so the children were always safe.

"But there's kids everywhere in this whole neighborhood. Very upsetting," said Shelton.

Henry also faces charges of failing to obey court orders on a previous offense.

Henry's bond is set at more than $500,000. He'll be in court Wednesday, February 6.

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