Crimetracker: Man accused of peeping on woman in restroom

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KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT) -- It's not something diners at the Pizza Inn can believe:

"That's pretty bizzare. I wouldn't have expected that here," said Sue Sewing, a customer.

"What's going through that guy's head? Why would he do that?" said Melissa Watkins, another customer.

James Josey III, 22, is accused of sneaking into the ladies' bathroom in February, peering over the top of a stall and taking pictures of a woman using the restroom.

"I saw a guy come out of the women's bathroom and go into the men's bathroom, but before he did, I looked over and he was just kind of scared looking and I was just like, 'What is he doing?' And all of the sudden I hear a woman come out of the bathroom and she was freaked out about a guy looking at her," said Katelyn Varney, who works as a cashier at Pizza Inn.

According to the warrant, Josey ran out of the bathroom and into the men's restroom, where the woman's boyfriend held him until police showed up.

The indictment said Josey tried deleting the pictures before officers arrived.

Pizza Inn's owner said the whole thing surprises him.

"I've been in business since 1981 for myself and that's the first time that's ever happened, that I can even remember. That's just really, really odd," said Jamey Brown, the restaurant's owner.

He said if workers ever see a man heading for the ladies' room - or vice versa - they'll stop him in his tracks.

As for the future, women say they'll be more careful using the restroom no matter where they are.

"I may look around a little bit more before I go in, or as I go in," said Sewing.

"I will be aware of my surroundings when I go to the ladies' room. And I won't be letting my little ones go without me," said Watkins.

Josey's next court date is August 15.

Josey was convicted of two other Peeping Tom cases: once for filming a woman while she was showering at the YWCA in 2011, and for watching a woman use the restroom at the annual Fantasy of Trees event in the Knoxville Convention Center, also in 2011.

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