Crimetracker: Man charged with assaulting his unborn child

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WARTBURG, Tenn. (WVLT) - A man accused of beating his pregnant girlfriend now faces a second charge: assaulting their unborn baby.

It's so unusual of a charge in Morgan County, that the judge was even confused about how to set bond for something like this.

Police arrested and charged Eric Turner with aggravated domestic assault, and assault on a viable fetus.

Police say the found the victim with cuts on her nose, mouth, and a broken hand.

Chief Deputy Steve Cochran says it looks like the victim was dragged around the Harriman house, and there was hair on the table.

The baby is okay, but Cochran says the traumatic experiences are why he filed the extra charge.

Cochran said at first, the victim was afraid to come forward because she was scared. Domestic violence arrests are down in the county, but he imagines it's mainly because many victims don't press charges.

"I would like to think that it's going down because people are being nicer and kinder, thinking. Using their noggins. But you have some knuckleheads out here who don't think that way," said Chief Cochran.

Turner did post bond, so he is out of jail. He'll be back in court in April.

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