Crimetracker: Mother and Daughter charged with fake fundraising

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JACKSBORO, Tenn. (WVLT) A mother and daughter duo have been charged with theft after they illegally solicited funds for a school funded program.

Jennifer Overton and Catherin Agee were raising money for Overton's daughter to be enrolled in Jacksboro Middle School's cheerleading program. Overton and Agee didn't get permission from the school to do so, and were arrested.

The Campbell County Sheriff's Department said the women asked Jonesboro businesses to write them checks. People who know the women can't believe the charges.

"She seemed like she was a straight arrow. She was just a good girl," says Erik Johnstone who went to school with Overton.

In a statement, Campbell County Sherrif, Robbie Goins, said, "criminal acts against our children or our schools will not be tolerated, period."

The women are out of jail and living with a relative.

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