Crimetracker: Police: Holt made victims kneel down then shot them

Jason Holt Mugshot provided by the Grainger Co. Sheriff's Office

A horrific crime rocks the small town of Bean Station.

Police say Jason Holt walked into Down Home Pharmacy just after 11:00 Thursday morning. They say he stole pills and made his 4 victims kneel down before shooting them in the head.

Two of those victims died in the pharmacy, two of them survived.

His last victim, Gail Wilson turned and lunged at him. Holt shot her in the face; she is currently in UT Medical Center.

We have also learned Holt has been in trouble for drugs before.

In 2006 he was arrested for stealing $1000 worth of drugs from the evidence locker of the Bean Station Police Dept but did not serve jail time.

Neighbors and friends tell us Holt was first a Bean Station police officer, then worked for the Grainger County Sheriff's Office. He later moved to Jefferson City, and one person who grew up with him, told Local 8 News he became addicted to drugs.

Three months ago he moved back to Bean Station, into his mother's house. Neighbors there remember him as a good police officer, but said he suffered from headaches.

People who know Holt say they can't believe how things turned out, saying they never thought he would be violent.

He is now accused of killing two people, pharmacist Stephen Lovell, and a customer, Richard Sommerville. Two employees were also hurt, Janet Clift and Alexia Wilson. They were flown to UT Medical Center.

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