Woman files Order of Protection against Shawn Smoot

A woman has filed an order of protection against accused murderer Shawn Smoot.

Kimberly Isenberg filed the order Monday in Knox County saying Smoot was stalking her.

According to the order, on Halloween, Smoot pulled up beside Isenberg at a hair salon, asking how she was and what she was doing. She says Smoot asked if she was stalking him.

She said this was the second time it happened. Smoot also came to the salon in September, walked around inside, then told her "I saw your car outside, I came inside looking for you," then she says he touched her arm.

Isenberg says she knew Smoot, but cut off contact with him after he was charged with killing Brooke Morris.

Smoot is accused of shooting Morris and leaving her body on the side of a Roane County road in October 2011.

The order of protection bans Smoot from having any contact with Isenberg.

Smoot is out on bond for the murder charge.

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