Crimetracker: Pair arrested on 100+ cruelty counts give up all animals

TAZEWELL, Tenn. (WVLT) -- The pair arrested on more than a hundred counts of animal cruelty were released on their own recognizance after agreeing to surrender the scores of animals found in their horse trailer over the weekend, according to the Claiborne Animal Shelter.

Charlie Gregory and Taniciah Little appeared in court on Tuesday, where they agreed to turn over the animals to the shelter in exchange for being granted signature bonds. All other property seized from them was returned as well, according to the court order.

The shelter said its Executive Board will meet this week to decide what it will do with the animals, which include 100 chickens, 18 rabbits, and nine peacocks. Six puppies will be placed up for adoption as soon they are nursed back to health.

Gregory and Little were arrested after a Tazewell police officer pulled over their double-wide horse trailer for having no taillights and noticed a beagle in a small container, leading to a search of the vehicle and the discovery of the rest of the animals. Most of them were dehydrated and underweight.

Charlie Gregory (Courtesy: Claiborne Co. Sheriff's Dept.)

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