Crimetracker: Police looking for men who stole 22 sets of keys

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LOUSIVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT) -- Surveillance video from Alcoa Good Times shows what appears to be a father-son duo checking out side-by-sides for sale, but it's actually a scam.

"They're just browsing. One was kind of, you know, piddling around, looking around, while the other one, after we watched the surveillance video you could see the gentleman with the cane was more the lookout while the younger guy went around and took the keys," said Jill Jansing, co-owner of Alcoa Good Times.

The pair stole 22 sets of keys from various glove boxes - a big deal because they could have come back and stolen the side-by-sides, worth between $10,000 and $20,000 a piece.

"The keys are expensive. They have a chip, an RFI-type chip and it's programmable for the computers inside each machine. So we've had to reprogram each machine to not accept those keys," said Charlie Jansing, co-owner of Alcoa Good Times.

The whole process cost the business more than $2,000. They're no longer keeping the keys in the glove boxes, and are hopeful someone recognizes the men from the video.

If the stolen keys weren't enough, the Jansings discovered another problem Tuesday morning.

"We found out that someone had gotten our checking account number and our routing number to our checking account and they were using it to buy stuff online," said Charlie Jansing.

They're out $900 from that scam. They said they've closed the account and are working with their bank's fraud department to try to track down who did it.

The Jansings say they're disappointed because they think whoever stole their checking account number probably got a refund check from them at some point or may have even been a vendor.

They say the older man involved in the key theft looked to be in his late fifties or sixties. He had a ponytail and was using a cane in the video. They say the younger man was in his thirties and was missing a lot of teeth.

Anyone with information should call the Alcoa Police Department at (865) 981-4111.

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