Students face charges for alleged retaliation over hazing report

Two University of Tennessee students are facing charges after police say they sent threatening text messages to another student who reported hazing at Pi Kappa Phi fraternity.

Officers have charged Kelby Cowan and Drew Baird with harrassment. According to warrants, Cowan and Baird sent threatening text messages to Andrew Preston about two weeks ago.

The warrants say the pair sent messages calling Preston several names, threatened violence and told him to transfer schools and get out of town. The paperwork says Preston reported a hazing incident that involved Cowan and Baird at Pi Kappa Phi fraternity.

According to police, Cowan and Baird received letters from the University of Tennessee's Division of Student Life stating that all fraternity members were forbidden from making intimidating phone calls or sending messages to students who reported hazing at the fraternity.

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