Crimetracker: Sweetwater PD cracking down on one-pot meth labs

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SWEETWATER, Tenn. (WVLT) -- William Morgan has lived in Sweetwater for 70 years. He says meth is becoming a big problem:

"It's gotten worse just in the last few years, and it's gonna get worse if they don't crack down on it," said Morgan.

Police Chief Eddie Byrum said one pot meth labs are on the rise and officers are working hard to stop the cooks.

"They're so much easier for the folks to make. And we're really trying to put a huge empasis because they're such a danger to our community," said Byrum.

The most recent bust happened at the Kangaroo gas station. Officers found Delmer Sylvester passed out at the wheel. His car was running and in park - Sylvester had his foot on the gas, causing it to rev. They woke him up and found three on-pot meth labs and all kinds of hazardous meth materials inside the car.

"Well, it could have blown the whole station up - at a station, a gas station," said Morgan.

Another dangerous bust happened the night before on Starrett Street. Officers were driving behind a car when the driver threw a flaming bottle out of the window.

The driver pulled into Brown Intermediate School and officers stopped to investigate. They identified the flaming bottle as a one-pot meth lab and found another one-pot meth lab, plus meth making materials like drain cleaner, ammunium nitrate and Coleman fuel inside the car.

They arrested Dustin Plemons and charged him with multiple drug violations.

"Not something we want to have here in Sweetwater and that's why we're trying to fight them as hard as we can," said Byrum.

Aside from those busts, officers recently arrested Chad Garrett after searching his home and finding two one-pot labs. Jeremiah Shukait faces drug charges after police found him passed out in his car at Peoples Bank. They found 10 grams of meth and a lot of cash on him.

Chief Byrum said if you come across a suspicious looking bottle, don't open it - it could be a one-pot meth lab. Instead, call police.

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