Crimetracker: Woman robbed outside of Food City Pharmacy

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LENOIR CITY, Tenn. (WVLT)-- A Maryville woman was robbed of her prescription pain pills Tuesday morning as she walked out of the pharmacy.

It happened at the Food City Pharmacy in Lenoir City just after 10 a.m.

"Somebody ran off from behind me, stuck their arm underneath my arm, grabbed my medication, jerked it out of my hand and ran," Brenda Espinosa told Local 8 News.

She said the man jumped into a truck and headed toward Maryville on Highway 321. Minutes later, Lenoir City Police arrested her attacker Landan Melton and his accomplice Randall Garrett.

Espinosa said she was shaken up and had some pain in her hand after the robbery, but what shocked her most, was the man involved in the attack. Her nephew Randall.

"He could barely look at me. He just looked up at me and looked back at the ground. He couldn't even face me," Espinosa said.

She came face to face with her nephew and attacker when she had to verify to police Melton committed the crime.

Both men were arrested and charged with drug charges. Melton was also charged with robbery. Garrett was charged with facilitation of a felony.

"I never once dreamed that at any time he would try to harm me or anything like that, Espinosa said, "but I guess you get so desperate you'll do anything."

Espinosa told Local 8 News she hopes her story encourgages other people to be cautious when picking up prescription pain pills, like oxycontin and morphine.

Detective believe Melton and Garrett, who are also from Maryville, may have followed Espinosa to the pharmacy.

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