Crimetracker: man caught with a gun outside Central High School

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KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT) -- As Central High School dismissed on Thursday, the school resource officer noticed Jonathan Scales, who is not a student, hanging around outside the school office.

"That individual had several students around him, and that individual was smoking. The officer approached - of course, smoking is not permitted on the campus, asked for the individual's ID, he started acting very fidgety," said Darrell DeBusk, with the Knoxville Police Department.

Scales tried running away, but the officer quickly tackled him and Scales began throwing punches.

When officers cuffed Scales, they found a fully-loaded, .32 caliber gun in his backpack.

"It's very scary, considering my daughter will be going here next year and the fact that my children were out here just right before that," said Kylie Seay, a parent who lives across from the school.

Scales told officers he didn't plan to hurt anyone and was just waiting for his friend to get out of school so they could walk to a nearby skate park. Even so, police are taking this very seriously.

"He was in possession of a handgun on school property, which is absolutely, strictly forbidden. You can not do that, it is against the law. He was aware of that, and indicated that that's why he fled from the officers because he knew he had the gun and wasn't supposed to have it on school property," said DeBusk.

Scales faces multiple charges including unlawful possession of a weapon on school property, resisting arrest and aggravated assault on a public employee. He's due in court for a preliminary hearing on Wednesday.

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