Crossville pastor finds church robbed Sunday morning

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CROSSVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT) A Crossville pastor says he and his congregation have forgiven whoever stole band equipment and toys from their church over the weekend.

Pastor Charles Erickson was opening the doors of Abundant Life Church of God this past Sunday morning, when he noticed several things were out of place.

"I saw there was a lot of light in the sanctuary," Erickson said.

When he walked further into the building, he saw doors were propped open and the drum set on the front stage was missing.

"I really got mad," Erickson said when he realized what had happened.

But as he walked through the rest of the building, things started to get more bizarre.

Erickson's office had been broken into, his filing cabinet was open and papers were scattered across the floor. His printer was even thrown against the wall.

"They smashed it."

As Erickson continued to walk, he noticed the cupboards in the kitchen were all open and food was missing. More doors were open that shouldn't have been.

Then he walked into the nursery room.

"They went to our nursery...and stole a toy box and a play pen. And then they went to the mechanical room and took a tool box and a package of toilet paper," Erickson said with a chuckle.

"I guess they have needs for everything, and we provided it for them," Erickson said.

Even though the total damage and amount stolen is figured to be around $4,000, Erickson said he and his congregation are trusting in God to get them through.

"Once we got church started, I said, the first thing we're going to do is we're going to pray for these people."

Even though Erickson has a positive outlook despite what happened, he says he is still heartbroken by it.

"There is nothing sacred today. If they'll break into a church, a House of God, and do this kind of stuff. They have no reverence for anything anymore."

Police say they are developing leads for who is responsible, but have not made any arrests.

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